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Facials use a combination of treatments, such as creams, and an intentional application approach to make your skin look and feel good. A customized facial by one of our expert estheticians relaxes your facial muscles, preventing the beginnings of wrinkles sagging skin, and puffiness. This promotes healthy circulation, lymphatic drainage, and the renewal of
skin cells- as a result, your skin will glow and you’ll look your best!

Customized Corrective Facial

Albright Esthetics corrective facials are customized to meet your unique skin care needs and achieve noticeable results every time. Facials include skin care analysis, deep steam cleanse, double enzyme exfoliation, extractions (60-minute facial only), skin nutrition masks and serums, and a generous neck and shoulder massage for whole body rejuvenation.

30 minutes  |  $85
60 minutes  |  $125
Signature Facial

These unique treatments build on our Corrective Facial by incorporating more assertive remedies. Great for all skin concerns including hydration, aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation. We offer special event facials to lift, tighten, and leave you glowing! 

60 minutes  |  $145


We offer customized peels to meet your goals and sensitivities, including peels with little to no downtime. Periodic peeling of the skin stimulates collagen production, which firms and tightens the tissue. For new clients, we require one corrective facial before doing a peel, so we can get to know your skin. Peels are only offered in cooler months, for your skin's safety.

Progressive Peel
60 minutes  |  $165
Mid-Depth Peel
60 minutes  |  $195
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