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We love the science of skin care. And that’s important for you.

It means that in a world overflowing with skin-care products and treatments — and thousands of competing claims — you can relax knowing that our highly skilled, deeply knowledgeable skin-care experts will deliver the measurable results you want.

Because we stay informed on the latest products and treatment technologies, we can bring the science of clean, toxin-free skin care to the studio, identifying the best choices for rejuvenating your unique skin and addressing any challenges you may have. And because we love to share our knowledge, you’ll have confidence when choosing products to care for your skin at home.

Becky Albright, Owner and Esthetician

As an avid equestrian from northern Utah, Becky is no stranger to extreme weather. The challenge of maintaining healthy skin in a harsh climate inspired an interest in the science of healthy skin and a career in the aesthetic industry. Here Becky realized her calling: to help others develop habits that improve and maintain skin health. 

Becky consistently attends advanced training classes on many skin conditions and body treatments, and she is especially interested in the science of chemical exfoliation. She spent many years as a personal assistant to families and extends her nurturing personality to every Albright Esthetics client.

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